Covid19 Update – 25/03/21

After careful consideration of all the Government rules involved in offering ‘outdoor hospitality’, and the facilities we would need to have in place, it has been decided that, in the best interest of the Club and its members, we should wait until 17thMay 2021 which is when we can offer ‘indoor hospitality’.

Therefore, unfortunately, we will not be opening on 12th April 2021.

For your information when we do open in May, we will still be governed by the following rules;

Table Service Only.

Seated Drinking Only.

Maximum of 6 People per Table.

Masks must be worn whilst moving around the Club premises.

(This is to protect both the staff and Club members and will apply to everyone including the staff and those people that have had the vaccine).

Covid 19 Update – 25/02/21

The “Roadmap” has been announced by Boris. Let’s hope it goes to plan and that we can get back to normal (17th June onwards).

Although the roadmap has been released we are still awaiting the full details & rules in relation to offering “outdoor hospitality” which can be offered no earlier than 12th April. That said we must warn you that it is unlikely that we will be able to offer this facility due to our restricted seating options as well as the lack of heating & cover from the rain. The only information given so far is that it is a requirement that ordering & drinking has to be done whilst seated outside. Table service will also remain.

The good news is that we are ready to open when the “indoor hospitality” is allowed, no earlier than 17th May, but once again it will be a requirement to be seated when ordering & drinking and table service will remain.

We will update you as soon as we get further information.

2021 Membership Fees

Please be advised that we are not taking membership renewals for 2021 whilst the Club is closed. If you were a member of the Club in 2020 then your membership will remain active in 2021 up until we are able to re-open. The committee will then decide how to approach the issue of membership fees for 2021, taking into account how many months the Club was closed both last year and this year.

We look forward to seeing you all again soon and please keep safe.

Opening times

With effect from Monday 14th September 2020 the revised opening times for the bar will be as follows;

Mon – Wed                                         2pm to 9.10pm

Thurs                                                     2pm to 10.30pm

Fri                                                           12pm to 10.30pm

Sat                                                          11am to 10.30pm

Sun                                                         12pm to 9.10pm

You will be allowed 20 minutes ‘drinking up time’ before having to leave the premises.



We are pleased to announce that children will be allowed back into the Club with effect from Monday 14th September 2020.

In order for this to happen we have had to put the following rules in place;

  • All children must be accompanied/supervised by a family member(s) over the age of 18 at all times. This applies to both the inside, and outside, areas of the Club
  • Children must be seated at a table with their family member(s) whilst inside the Club

If these rules aren’t followed then the family member(s), and child, will be asked to leave the premises

Please remember that these rules exist to protect both our staff and Club members

Club closing times

There has been some confusion with the current closing times of the Club, so to clarify they are as follows;

Mon – Thurs       Last Orders at 9.10pm & Club shuts at 9.30pm

Fri & Sat               Last Orders at 10.10pm & Club shuts at 10.30pm

Sun                         Last Orders at 9.10pm & Club shuts at 9.30pm

These times allow the staff to carry out their extra cleaning duties require, each night, due to Covid19.


We are re-opening

We are pleased to announce that the Club will be reopening on Monday 13th July 2020.
We are currently in the process of ordering new stock and giving staff the required notice to bring them back off furlough leave.

In order for the opening to work we have had to put many new measures in place, some of which are as follows;

Strictly Members only
No under 18’s
Every member must sign in with their name every day that they enter the Club (this is required for the Government Test & Trace scheme)
Revised Opening Times;

Mon – Thurs 2.00pm to 9.30pm
Fri 12.00pm to 10.30pm
Sat 11.00am to 10.30pm
Sun 12.00pm to 9.30pm

We are a family Club and therefore it is unfortunate that we cannot allow under 18’s in initially but we will review this on an ongoing basis and withdraw this rule as soon as we are able.

We trust that everyone is well and look forward to seeing you all very soon